Running Arquillian tests with Maven dependencies in IntelliJ Idea

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Arquillian is a big thing. For me it is a revolution in in-container testing. In real world scenarios it is quite common that your JEE components use some libraries, frameworks or other utility classes provided in thirdparty archives. When building project with maven you can make use of pom.xml descriptor and avoid giant amounts of boilerplate code (adding classes and packages of thirdparty libs by hand). I won’t dive into details how you can set it up, but the idea is to use MavenDependencyResolver and configure it to read your pom.xml.

Using MavenDependencyResolver
MavenDependencyResolver resolver = DependencyResolvers.use(MavenDependencyResolver.class);
// use in ShrinkWrap archive

This code above works well when run in Eclipse or in command-line Maven, but surprisingly may fail when run from IntelliJ Idea. It complains that pom.xml file cannot be found and read. Some time ago I switched my IDE from Eclipse to IntelliJ Idea and I’m still brand new if it comes to its cofiguration tips and tricks. Quick ShrinkWrap debugging session and it turnes out that IntelliJ invokes tests from project’s dir instead of module’s dir. Fortunately I’ve found a switch for that in IDE.

There I fixed it

Go to Edit Configurations (under Run menu), select Defaults branch and then JUnit. You can see that Working directory is set to project’s directory. That’s why pom.xml could not be found in this location. Fortunately it can be changed either to MAVEN_REPOSITORY or to MODULE_DIR and the latter is exactly what you want. Changing that and saving it in defaults makes the issue above disappear.

Now you can run your tests from IntelliJ even if you have maven dependencies to be included in your @Deployment archive.

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