Cookbook dependencies in Chef Solo with Librarian

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Disclaimer: I’m just chef-solo newbie and those are my findings after few hours with chef

When cooking something non-trivial with chef-solo your cookbooks (or community cookbooks you use) may depend on other cookbooks. For example to use this mongodb cookbook you need apt and yum cookbooks too. So you need to be sure you have all the dependencies available in place so chef can reach them. It may be real PITA and you know that if you are e.g. java developer and had a chance to work without dependencies management tool and you had to figure out and download all the dependendent jars by hand. But fear not, fortunately “there is a gem for that” that helps you manage cookbooks’ dependencies. It is called Librarian and is works like Bundler for ruby projects, or like Maven (its dependencies management part) for java projects. It uses its own Cheffile to declare required dependencies. For example to use mongodb cookbook mentioned above you may write the following:

site ''
cookbook 'mongodb', :git =>

Now run librarian-chef install and it will download all the declared cookbooks together with their dependencies to your cookbooks location. In case of the mongodb cookbook it will download this mongodb cookbook itself and apt and yum cookbooks as well.

I recommend you to take a look at Librarian if you haven’t used it before as well as get familiar with this whole topic of automated provisioning (no matter what tool you will choose, it’s worth spending some time to learn it). I enjoyed it all a lot.

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